Friday, October 31, 2014

Big Cedar 100 Prep

This is my first post in a long time. Most of my old ones are down. And I have thought about bringing them back up, but I may search the most useful posts first. But I am now within a few weeks of my 2nd attempt at 100 miles. I want to post some about the preparation for that and where I feel I am at, but I think a brief history is useful to put things into context:
·        2008 – I get out of the Army after serving in Iraq with a bad back, shoulder, and two knees already showing arthritis and previous meniscus tears. I don’t run much as I am finishing graduate school.
·        2010- I finish graduate school, not in very good shape. I try to run a quarter mile and it just kills my knee. I try again in late 2010, but this time with barefoot running after reading Born to Run.
·        2011 – In February run my first 5K, and am only able to run part of it.
·        August 2011- I run my first half marathon at the Hottest Half in Dallas.
·        December 2011 – I run the White Rock Marathon in Dallas as a training run for my first ultra, the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile run.
·        January 2012- I do a self-supported 50K and get ITBS.
·        February 2012 – I run the Rocky Raccoon 50 miler, but have ITBS issues the entire way. I run a 12 hour and something race despite this and feel pretty good about that.
·        February 2012 – two weeks later I run the Paramount 5K, the same one I had run the year before in Austin at the Austin Marathon and this time run the entire way, and finish 2nd in Men 25-29.
·        Spring 2012 – Run a string of races and do pretty well. Ran the Hells Hills 10K in around 42 minutes, which placed 8th, but could have been top 3 in almost any other year.
·        June 2012-Run the Ranch race at Reveille Ranch and twist my ankle up real bad. Have to walk most of the way but finish.
·        July 2012 – Run the El Scorcho 50K. Did pretty decent until some stomach issues at the end, but still finish. The ankle hurt but I was able to change my stride up.
·        January 2013 – On Day of the New Year’s Double Marathon I DNF due to severe ankle pain. I go to the doctor with a torn tendon and end up in a boot for a long time.
·        June 2013 – Ran El Scorcho but only finished the 25K with bad ankle pain and general fatigue.
·        October 2013 – Ran the Cactus Rose 100M and DNF due to fatigue and some bad chafing due to a decision to wear different shorts.
·        January 2014 – Begin training in earnest again.
·        April 2014 – Finish the Hell’s Hills 50K.
·        June 2014 – Finish the Pandora’s Box of Rocks Ultra Marathon.
·        July 2014 –Finish a Capt’n Karl’s night race at Muleshoe Bend.

2011 I consider my year of beginning to run. 2012 was a year of great success- finishing a 50 miler and constantly improving and even winning a 5K in my town. 2013 was a bad year. Injury and lack of ability to train lead to a DNF in a my first 100 mile attempt about a year ago. I feel like my 2014 story will be much different.

2013 (January-October)
2014 (January – November)
Torn Tendon in ankle (outside of general knee and back issues)
Just the normal knee and back stuff. Nothing major.
Miles Run
300 + cross training
Around 1,000
Long Runs
Several Long runs toward August at Hill of Life
Lots of Long Runs at Purgatory including at least one 30+ mile run every month since July
165 Pounds
Currently 149

I feel like just on those factors alone, I am doing better.

The training plan:

My training plan has basically been to build to a peak every month, with a higher and higher peak.

A couple of notes here:
1.      My mileage has been pretty low overall for a 100 mile training plan and  I know this. I also know I am injury prone. So my best bet was to build on long runs every month, try to cross-train when possible, and keep my weight down.
2.      I use mapmyrun since I lost my garmin. It is not incredibly accurate and I lose plenty of trail miles, especially in the switch backs at Purgatory – but I also don’t log them all. So this might be a bit understated.
3.      October should have been much higher, but my daughter and I got an upper respiratory infection followed by a stomach virus.

Another issue I wanted to work on was to get my weight back down to El Scorcho 2012 weight. I was 145 at that time. In January of 2014, I was at about 170. I can now say that with a lot of training and a little help from a stomach bug, I am down to 149.

So I am coming in at or close to my best race weight. I have run at least one 25-30 mile run every month since March. I have completed a very hard marathon, a 50K, and a night time Captain Karl’s 30K that turned out to be pretty technical. My last month mileage was lower than I would like and I would like to have gotten to 200 miles a month. But most things are on target. I don’t have any injuries. I have a pacer set up for mile 50-75 and another for 75-100.

My next item, which I will post soon is race planning. Right now I am thinking:
Lap 1-6 hours
Lap 2-7 hours
Lap 3-8 hours
Lap 4-8 hours
Total: 30 hours

Pacing is hard to tell for me though. I was still a lot heavier in April and May when I did Hell’s Hills (50K) and Pandora’s Box of Rox (26.2) and finished in about the same time. Those courses are drastically different, and that Pandora’s course has had my number for a couple years now (something about a giant granite dome in the summer). But if you take the worst and assume 7 hours for 26 miles was how I ran when I was heaver and in worse shape on that dome in the summer… I think this is probably an on target pacing for now. When I ran my first 25 miles last week, I finished that in 4:30. Then spent 30 minutes at a stop light and store and took about 5 hours for the next 20 miles. Just being in the sun in 90 degrees with no shade really torched me, which I don’t think will be an issue.

All that to say. Everything seems good, but not perfect. I am going into this month confident, but realizing I need to plan very carefully to pull this off.

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