Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Going to try this again...

I have gone back and forth on blogging over the last couple of years. There are pros and cons to it for me. The pros are that:
·         It allows me to keep a training log I can look back at and see more than just numbers;
·         I keep up with other bloggers more;
·         It allows me to be part of the on-line running community in a more tangible way.
The Cons are:
·         I often don't have time for more than a quick update;
·         It seems kind of narcissistic;
·         It is public and I try to keep most of my social media locked up.

All that said, I am going to give it another shot. I am going to look through my old blogs and re-post (I put them all in draftmode) some of the highlights such as Rocky Raccoon 50 miler race report and some training.

Where I am today, briefly:
I began running to try to get in shape after finishing graduate school in 2010. I did so despite being told by a Veterans Administration doctor in 2008 that I would likely be using a cane by the time I turned 30 in 2012. My knees are shot and my back has some major issues. So much so that the VA considers these body parts "disabilities." When I started to try to run again, I found they were being proven right. However, after reading Born to Run, I gave the barefoot running thing a try and it really worked out. I could run for miles and miles without major injury. If I put on normal shoes with a large heel to toe drop, I immediately am injured. And I still get injured time to time. I will be more injury prone than other runners due to my knee and back. But becoming obese would be much worse on those body parts. Running also helps me a lot mentally. When I came home from Iraq, adjusting was hard, and there will always be pieces of that with me. I don’t like medications. Running is the only healthy way I have found that keeps me centered and my anxiety manageable.

My running timeline is basically this:
1994 - Went to one junior high cross-country practice. Discovered I hated running.
2001 - Joined the Army. Hated running.
2004  - For the first time, failed a PT test. I had the flu, but I was still mad.
Later 2004 - Destroyed a PT test and came in first in my unit in all events. Discovered I liked fitness.
2005 - Became the unit PT Sergeant and created a remedial program for PT failures that had a 75% success rate.
2006 - Discharge from Active Duty, had major knee and back issues.
2007- Played on the university club football team. Noticed my short speed had reduced incredibly and knee had become an issue. Pretty much quit physical activity after that.
2008 - 2010, New kid, grad school, gained a lot of weight.
2010 - Tried to run, could barely make a quarter mile on my first run. Once I got to 2 miles I found out I had torn my meniscus and that my service related knee issues caused me to have very vulnerable meniscus and knee tissue.
March 2011 - Ran a 10K but my knees were feeling destroyed again.
June 2011 - Read Born to Run, tried barefoot Running
August 2011 - Ran the Hottest Half Marathon in minimalist shoes. Tired, but no mechanical issues.
December 2011 - Ran the White Rock Lake Marathon as a training run for Rocky Raccoon. Took it very easy and had a great time. Ran 10 miles later that evening.
January 2012 - Developed ITBS after a 50K training run in thicker shoes.
February 2012 - Ran the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile trail race with ITBS. 2 weeks later, after learning how to roll my knee placed 2nd in my age group at the Paramount 5K at the Austin Marathon. First time to place in a race.

Since then I have won my age group in 1 5K and 2 10Ks, finished a 50K, and then in DNF'd a double marathon, a 50K, and a 100 miler. After that I took a few months off from running and started back up in January 2014. At the end of the month my wife gave birth to our new baby girl, Lilly, and we spent extra time in the hospital, so progress stopped, but since then I have built back up to about 30 mile weeks.

I am now training for Hell's Hills 50K in April and Cactus Rose 100 Miler in October. My 5 year old son is training for his first 5K. 


  1. About things being public and social media? Consider that you don't exactly have privacy because your race results are all on-line and a google search away. The blog gives you a bit of a voice here. My blog is not so wonderful, but that's part of why I keep it.

  2. Yeah, I think it is less about race times and more about the things I say when I am writing. The fact that I drink beer or sometimes my humor is off color. It has mostly do to with my professional life. Most people who work with me, though, know I am a bit off, so hopefully by now it evens out.