Monday, April 8, 2013

Hells Hills 10K

After not a lot of running in a long, long time, I was cleared to run a few weeks ago.

After about one week of real training, I took a week slower due to soreness and a cold. I was going to be at Hell's Hills anyhow for Rob's 50 mile, so I decided to run the 10K.

The results compared to last year (when I was in shape)...
Last year:
This year:

So, while I finished quite a bit slower, I was still 8th and I finished first of men 30-35. I attribute the 6 minute difference to 3 things: lack of training due to injury, getting fatter due to lack of training, and there has to be some factor for the mud.

The most important thing is that I felt injury free. My ankle even had to invert a couple times and rebound as I hopped from rock to rock.

I was actually with the front group for a good bit of the start but at about 3 miles, I could tell I did not have the endurance to hang sub 8 minute miles the entire way on that course.

Maybe I'll write more about the experience, but for now that's it. I have not felt inspired to write much lately. Maybe once session is over I will. If not, this thing may get retired.

Also, I don't know why I sit and wait for pictures to come out as if they are going to be great. Mostly this year I just look fat. And very white.

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