Thursday, February 21, 2013

No running, day 52. Day 22 in the boot. I’m going a little crazy. I have searched and searched on what it says on my MRI report: “Minor longitudinal tear of the peroneous longus.” Minor gives me hope. I have my follow up with my doctor soon and I plan to ask him. I found one site that gives me a glimmer of hope:
This article says after immobilizing for several weeks, you can sometimes lose the cast and start getting ready to exercise.


Nitric Oxide

I also am doing what I can to speed healing. I purchased a Nitric Oxide supplement called NO3 Chrome. Several articles and sites list Nitric Oxide as a way to speed up the healing.

From Livestrong:
Nitric Oxide
Nitric oxide is a chemical that plays a role in tendon healing. If supplements of arginine are taken, which stimulates nitric oxide formation, then tendon healing appears to increase. Also, clinical trials of nitric oxide delivery patches placed over areas of tendinitis show significantly reduced pain symptoms in patients and also increased range of motion and strength of the treated area.

Many of the sites talk about patches to put over the injury, but I have also found plenty on the oral supplement. The idea makes sense: the reason it takes a tendon so long to heal is the lack of blood flow.

Nitric Oxide supplements with L-Arginine help to increase blood flow. This is the reason it is marketed: the blood flow causes a “pump,” making your muscles appear larger when you work them out.

I think it’s funny that someone would care more about the “pump” than really building muscle, but it can assist with that as well. Of course you build muscle up by tearing it down. The more blood during the healing, the faster you recover, and the faster you can work out again, meaning more muscle. But nobody markets it that way. It did lead to a funny discussion at GNC. The guy was going on about how pumped I would get and this and that, and I’m like look at me dude. Do I look like I care about “being pumped?” That said, it is kind of cool.


I also am really getting in to probiotics.
Ever since I was in Iraq, I have had terrible stomach issues. I now wonder if I have some mean bacteria living in there causing havoc. I am not sure how, but I stumbled on the idea of probiotics. I originally got some Yakult drinks that have 5 billion happy little bugs in them, but have moved up to a 20 day supply of 75 billion per day. I will then do maintenance of 25 billion per day.
I really have already noticed a difference. I’m starting to actually care a lot more about what I put in my body. When I first started running, it was an easy way to eat a lot and not be fat. Then I fell in love with running itself. Now I can’t run for a while, so I am looking at the other side of the equation. Part of that is lack of meat.


For Lent, my wife and I gave up meat. I always try to give up something that can actually improve my life while making me realize I am making a sacrifice. It was easy the first few days, but it is definitely getting more difficult after a week. Whatever it is, this week I have finally started to lose some weight. I weight myself last night and I had lost a pound and a half since Sunday. I know some of that is fluctuation, but that was after a big dinner and beers. I really think the lack of meat plus the probiotics are what are turning the tide. I hope to stick close to vegetarianism when Lent is over. We will see. I am not saying no meat, just very little.

Sticking to it…

So that’s my update. Still sticking to it, hopeful for a speedy recovery, but going a little crazy.

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