Sunday, February 24, 2013

I know more than doctors, right?

I'm down to 153.6 pounds. Down from 157.3 And I'm effing frustrated.

The boot officially hurts worse than not wearing the boot. I also found this:

On a podiatry forum, some info on a "mild longitudinal tear of the peroneus longus," which is exceedingly hard to find. Most injuries are for peroneus brevis. Anyhow, I saw this,

"Peroneus longus tendon tears in a distance runner can successfully be treated conservatively in some cases if the tear (generally a longitudinal split of the tendon) is relatively mild. 

If the tear is new, then try putting her in a cam walker style brace for 4 weeks, with no running. This may allow it to heal if the tear is minor. Icing, using a 2-5 forefoot valgus extension on an orthosis along with some increased valgus wedging on the orthosis may help the pain, but also may, unfortunately, exacerbate her posterior tibial tendinitis.

Most of these tears do well with surgical repair but this would mean at least 3 months or more of no running. If it were my foot, and the tear did not respond to immobilization, and orthosis modifications, then I would have the surgery done."

I have my check-up this week. I am hoping to at least get out of the boot.

This week's workouts:
Monday: Insanity Mixed Core Workout: 40 minutes (Core Cardio and Cardio abs with just 1 warm up and cool down)
Tuesday: Stationary Hills, 18.73 miles, 50 minutes
Wednesday: Insanity Max Recovery (lots of plank and isometrics) and Cardio abs, 58 minutes
Thursday: 45 minutes, Stationary Hills, 17 minutes
Friday: slept in
Saturday: Insanity Max Recovery, 46 minutes + Insanity Max Cardio, 48 mintues
Sunday: Rest

Probiotics continue to be awesome.

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