Sunday, January 27, 2013

Overcoming a Torn Tendon, Episode 1

After spraining my ankle in June, letting it slow me down during a 50K in July, and then taking 6 weeks off only to DNF a marathon due to the pain, I went back to the doctor, and this time he ordered an MRI. I expected them to say it was just still sprained and planned to beg for some cortisone to get me going. Instead, I got the call that I had torn my Peroneus longus and I also have tendinitis in the big toe... 

Pretty sad news for me. This treatment? Up to 6 months in a walking boot cast.

I asked the doctor about surgery and he told me that the way this tear is, I would have a very low chance of regaining functionality, where with the boot, I have a 90%+ chance to regain complete functionality... meaning I will run again. The shortest possible time it could take is 8-12 weeks, and we will be checking on it every 4 to 6, but the doc believes we are looking closer to 6 months.

I let myself be down for a day, and while I will continue to joke about it, I am no longer injured. I am recovering. I had already gained 20 pounds since originally injuring my ankle due to low mileage (and high calories), so my goal is to be back in shape, and maybe even in better shape when I get this thing off.  On Wednesday I joined a gym, and put in 20 miles on the stationary bike Thursday and Friday, and 30 Saturday. I plan to mix this withe modified Insanity (I did the ab workout today) and be ready to go again very soon

I plan to update this weekly about my recovery. I plan to add more details and research about the injury and prevention. Hopefully this will help others out in similar circumstance and help me keep track of things.

I really, really can't wait to run again. If you can, run.

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  1. I'm expecting to see you at El Scorcho, good luck with the recovery.