Friday, January 18, 2013

MRI... I hope I can keep running!!!

I have tried to keep working out this week, but it’s not the same. I needed something “more” than the Insanity Recovery workouts so I did some of the Max Insanity workouts this week but subbed major jumps with the same general moves on my back. Generally they have been an okay sub. But when I am not running I don’t have that same desire to get up and run. I’m up to 160 pounds and climbing and my resting heart rate is up in the lower 60s now. I was at 140 and in the lower 40s back around the time I first hurt my ankle in June. It’s been an up and down ride since then, and I’m really hoping to get back to it.

When I first started running it was for health reasons. I had just finished grad school and was rocking a grad school gut and about 175 pounds of jelly. What I quickly found was that running was more than getting in shape to me. It’s no secret to those around me that I’ve dealt with some “ghosts” from my time in Iraq. I swear, that first year of running was the best solution I found to that. When I run I get more time to think things out, more time to contemplate my faith and reflect on my actions, and more time to be just a better person in general. I have really enjoyed the friendship I have gained running with my friend Andrew, a barefoot runner who incidentally lives about a mile down the road from me, but I also enjoy running on my own in the morning. When I run and see the sun coming over the hill country in silence, with the only sound being that of a cow or the rustling in the bushes of a deer, I feel more connected to God than I almost ever do in a church building. Running has made me feel closer to God and also helped me gain some amazing friends. Spending time in the military and moving away from where I grew up made it hard to find friends. When I was in grad school I was considered anti-social because I never went out. I was in the Army Reserve in Dallas, going to school full time in Austin, working a full time job, and I had a newborn. Once I was just working and taking care of my family, the opportunity to find friends who I was not meeting through my son diminished. Running changed that. From Andrew who I run with a lot in my little town near Austin, to Jim a mentor in barefoot running in Austin who has run multiple marathons barefoot and posted a sub 3 hour marathon – though that was around the time of the original marathon I believe, to Rob and Chase who I see at ultras and communicate with frequently, to all of the people I have met at races and kept in contact with through Twitter.

It’s also a great water-cooler type ice breaker. During an awkward silence waiting on our boss before an executive meeting, my boss mentioned that I had run 50 miles before and now every time I get in the elevator with someone, they are asking me questions about it. Most of them are the silly ones, like if I did it all at once, and some are good questions about hydration. It is hard to explain that I am still a beginner and don’t have it figured out yet, but it is great to instantly have a non-work related issue to talk with people about.
I am riding along with Andrew on my Wal-Mart mountain bike tomorrow. I finally got a helmet. 20 miles. I am super jealous since he is running and will be running the Austin marathon, but proud to be helping. I am hoping to be well by February so I can possibly run the 50K at Nueces, and talk him into it.

So yeah, I’m a tad nervous about the MRI. Running has become a huge part of my life, and more so, my identity.

Wondering what the pics are? Just happy running pics for me.

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