Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recovery of an Ankle


I think I am on the path to recovery.
These are my miles lately. I believe week 33 is El Scorcho. The final straw on my ankle. After a rough 5K during "week 45", I went to my doctor, who referred me to Airrosti for manual and physical therapy. These are the same guys who cured my ITBS in one session (plus a lot of foam rolling and stretching). This time took 2 sessions, but I am feeling good. There is still some weakness, but I feel I am much more on the road to recovery. The sessions were painful and I have a full daily regimen of ankle stretching and strengthening which includes disc training, band training, and in these pictures, the two top ones are the main ones I feel do the most good.

I have already changed my training plan to one I feel is more appropriate to get me ready for New Year's Double:

* -Note if you some how got here by searching for a marathon training plan, I was injured but am still in good shape from running ultra marathons. Don't use this plan if you are new. Actually if you are new or inexperienced enough to even be looking for racing plans... don't use this one. Nobody use this. But me.

I just did the second week. Tomorrow is my rest day and I still feel pretty good. The "i" is for Insanity. This week I did a core workout.

Beer of the Day

It is 3:13 PM so I have not yet had a beer. I am not sure I am going to, either.

Not a lot of profound thought in this blog, but like I said. Right now it is more a training log and race report place. I have what I feel is a much higher up job than I have ever had so I am coming home later, so I am running at about 4 AM. Kind of hard to think of much to blog in the evenings.

Hey Rob, answer your damn texts.

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