Sunday, November 11, 2012

Increasing Miles, a Training Log


My doctor referred me to Airrosti Rehab Centers, the place that was the final treatment that defeated my ITBS for my ankle. It may take a couple treatments, but there was slight improvement. While I am still not able to get my speed to up, I ran 35 miles for the first time in 13 weeks. I had two great 10 mile runs, and hope for it to keep growing. I have another treatment this week. I have been running my 10 mile runs at about 9 minute pace and don't feel winded or tired afterwards. I really feel like I could push hard if I get this behind me.


Was considering a Turkey Trot again... decided to just completely focus on the New Year's Double until I get by that.

Beer of the Night

Hans Pils. Last 2 six packs my local package store had are mine. If you can find some, get it. It is a great, really hoppy beer but does not have an abv so high that you have to save it for the weekends.

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