Monday, September 24, 2012

Insanity, Bad Tenants, Beer, Ankle, Marathons


Today marked day 15 of my official Insanity Workouts and I thought I'd share my results. Basically, you do a warm-up and then get 1 minute to do as many reps as you can of various exercises. Just the fit test is a great workout and I'm pretty happy with my results. They are:

1. Switch Kicks - Up 33% from Day 1
2. Power Jacks - Up 19% from Day 1
3. Power Knees - Up 84% from Day 1
4. Power Jumps - Up 34% from Day 1
5. Globe Jumps - Up 9% from Day 1
6. Suicide Jumps - Up 19% from Day 1
7. Push-Up Jacks - Up 33% from Day 1
8. Low Plank Obls - Up 14% from Day 1

From the time I stopped running to the time I started Insanity, I went from 140 to 148 pounds. In the 15 days of Insanity I have gone up to 159. I do feel like it has been an especially bad two weeks of eating, so I have started counting calories again, but I have to feel like there must be some muscle given all of that.

I am overall pretty happy with the results but do hope I see more of a reduction in body fat.  I have 362 calories left today. I need to leave more than that on the table.

Bad Tenants

Today was the appeals trial for my tenants from Hell. They have lived in a house I own, my first house, since just before May of 2012 and only paid rent for 1 month. I won a trial to evict at the JP court and they appealed. Today, suddenly, they paid all that they owed to me into the court registry hoping to stay in the house... and most likely start the entire drill all over again.  Now, these people have lied to me multiple times, not contacted me, and written a check that was returned for NSF. So no. I got the money ordered to me and they have to get out. I am going to get a property management company and hopefully this will not be an issue that affects my running... and other aspects of my life in the future.

Beer - Check out this Beer. I'm so happy to find a great place for craft beer in my small town. When I told the owner I used to do work with Tabc, I got an earful, but other than that, a great experience.  This was a great suggestion and a great weekday Ipa.


Last week the ankle was feeling pretty good so I stopped using my KT Tape Pro and it hurt almost immediately again. So now I have moved to KT Tape Standard and it feels good again. Not perfect, but good, so I hop to ween myself down off of that. 2 weeks until my first run. Then I will start getting ready for the Susan G. Komen 5K. I am hoping with Insanity I start off where I left and am around 20 minutes or less.


I think I have my next big race targeted: - a marathon on New Years Eve and another on New Years Day... now a couple days before we plan on getting a nice hotel in Dallas on Friday night and having a nice dinner... Suggestions welcome. 

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