Monday, September 17, 2012

Insanity 1 Week in and General Update

The online running community is a great thing - but I have been avoiding it lately since I have NOT BEEN RUNNING! I think I am almost back though. The ankle has been sprained since June and not getting better so I decided to stop running, do Insanity, and after 1 month possible add running back in. I did week 1 of insanity, got sick during week 2 and did the lighter workouts, and started week 2 fully this today and I am confident I will be running again in 2 weeks (and finishing Insanity).

So far, I am really impressed with Insanity.

I had thought about doing Insanity for a while anyhow, but I could not get the old image of exercise videos out of my head from when my mom had some...

Insanity has done a good job of marketing their videos as being really hardcore to shed that Richard Simmons issue, and it does help me not be so embarrassed about doing the workout and my wife has not poked fun at me so there must not be much of an opening there...

While I was waiting for the DVDs, they sent the Insanity Pure Cardio workout online and I tried it and was beat! I had not worked out in a few weeks, gained a lot of weight, and felt it!!! A week in, I already felt like I was stronger. There is a ton of jumping and high intensity work and I really think it is going to be good for me.

Every 2 weeks I will take the fit test and tell here how I did, what is going on with weight and appearance, and what I think. So far, I think it is good. I plan on racing my first race in a long time in November if my ankle is doing good enough to start running lightly in a couple of weeks and I would actually not be surprised if I'm not faster. There is a lot of core work and great explosiveness work and in the past all I have done is mostly slow runs, then try to run as fast as I can for short races.

Anyhow, after month 1 there is an easy week in Insanity. I plan on adding 1-3 mile runs that week, then doing the second month with a few 1 mile 1 -10K runs a week, running the 5K and then getting back into running full swing. I think I will keep mixing in some of the insanity workouts even then.

I'm also starting to eye some winter races... Bandera???

Sidenote: I start a new job at the end of next week. This is a great opportunity for my family but as it relates to running, it means I will have less of a biennial schedule and be able to race mores consistently, so while I previously thought I would no time to train or race this winter, I should actually be able to get something in. The only sad part is that I won't be able to take the Friday off before Texas OU, so I have to drive down that night... I think I can take that.


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