Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rethinking Speed

When I say fast, remember, I am being relative. I may feel like I am going fast, but we are just talking about fast for me... not really fast...
Fast for me is running an 18:something 5K which I did on a training run recently. I have gotten fast enough to be competitive in age group at less than competitive races.
But I have been working on it lately and felt good. Running 10 miles a 7:30 or so pace is fast for me on a training run... Anyhow, after my runs at faster paces I have felt great. Today, I decided to run back at a slower pace closer to 10 minutes per mile to rest my legs and it felt terrible. My shins hurt, my knee is now aching... In Rocky Raccoon I got the worst case of ITBS ever, but it was only a couple miles in. I was running slower than usual out of necessity... When I ran a marathon, I had no trouble or bad feelings until I took a walk break. What if I am thinking about this all wrong? I am starting to wonder if there is something different about my form when I am running slower that is screwing me up? I'm not sure yet and not sure what to do with this as far as ultras, which necessitate slower running... 

I wonder if anyone else has experience?

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