Monday, April 9, 2012

Hells Hills Update: Fail + Fail + Fail = win?

So the official times are out: 49:02, 8th place. So I failed all 3 goals. Ugh. But, I am pretty happy. I feel like a winner. Why? For the first time, I am coming to a place where I now set challenging goals at races. I am not content to just finish. I am setting goals that are challenging but realistic for me. A might have been the only of my 3 goals that was not realistic (though it would have been last year). Of course I am not going to win any major races, but I will set different realistic but challenging goals at those races.
Year 1 of racing was about just completing distances, year 2 is about challenging myself at those distances to do more than just make it. Well, other than Cactus Rose. There my goal is just to finish.
By the way, don't search "fail" images from your work computer.

Updates: Just saw, Joe uses "Gun time" as far as your start, thus the minute difference. I did not think it took me a minute to cross, but that explains some of the time. Meh.


  1. You should certainly be proud of that time. I just hope you don't lap me at El Scorcho.

  2. Thanks, man. I wish it was a tad better and think I could have done just a tad better if I was a bit more aggressive in passing people. I doubt I will be lapping you... those stairs are gonna pay off!