Saturday, April 14, 2012

A 5K Race Report? Yeah, I'm doing that... With gross foot pics!

This was probably my last 5K for a while and marks the week I will begin to climb my mileage up to a 100 miler week before Cactus Rose and really focus on doing well at El Scorcho.

I decided it was all road and just a 5K, so it would be easy barefoot. The only thing that made me almost not do it barefoot was how nasty my foot looked like from an ant attack after playing soccer barefoot the other day...

So I had 3 goals: A: Win, B: PR, C: Place in Age Group

A and B: FAIL. I had no chance when running one of my slowest 5Ks in a year. My last 5K was a hilly one and I did it in about 20 minutes and have had training 5Ks as fast as 18:46 recently... but today was over 22 minutes!!! A large reason was the first road was really rough. It was chippy and rocky and just nasty. About a mile and quarter of this really slowed me down.

Jim says this is probably due to pushing off, which can hurt you more on rough roads. So I need to train more on rough roads to get my form in line. After this I quickly lost my forefoot running form I use when running fast and switched to my longer running midfoot style.


I got my first age group victory. So that was pretty cool. I then ran another two to catch Em and Logan who were walking. People seemed impressed that I was running it barefoot twice. It was fun to finish the 2nd lap running in with Logan. The cheerleaders tried to make a victory tunnel for him but he ran around it.

I thought it was a fun little race. Now time to get serious. Time to start ramping up my miles for El Scorcho. And then to a 100 mile week and Cactus Rose 100!!! Off we go!!!


  1. Hey Doomed,
    Good job on the race. Nice trophy. Miss you over at the BRS. A couple of your threads are going strong (female athlete and what beer are you drinking tonight). Check in once in a while.

    1. Thanks, buddy. I may at some time head back that way but for right now I am laying low around there.

      Chase- do you still post there ever?