Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No More Stomp of Approval

You might notice I no longer display the Barefoot Runners Society (BRS) Stomp of Approval on my blog. I don't want to start anything, but want to basically explain why, briefly.

I won't be taking part in their forums or site any longer. As many people know, they are currently having some legal ranglings which has resulted in them changing from BarefootRunners.Org to TheBarefootRunners.Org. All of the drama or whatever it may be between parties within leadership at BRS happened while BRS.Org said it was down to migration issues. During the extended time the site was down, I received multiple text messages and questions from other runners wondering what was going on. Rumors flew, and the person who they are all saying is in the wrong posted on the BRS facebook and then their comment was deleted. I posted saying I was hearing rumors and asking what was going on. My comment was deleted and I was messaged to not "stir the pot." I left it alone.

Since then, the main person running the site sent me several messages with their position. We talked some back and forth and I thought I was being asked my ideas. I was informed that BRS is run by a 6 member Executive Board and that they are at odds with one person (a good rundown of their position is available at  I stated that I would not take a side on the issue. I know a lot of people are taking sides, but the botom line is I don't know anything about the insides and outs or who is lying on the issue. I simply stated that I thought there was a lack of transparency from BRS during the time the site was down and throughout the issue. I was told basically my opinion was not valid because I had not been on the 6 member board and how nobody other than the person messanging me would do the work to make BRS run and so on. To me, BRS is being run in a pretty non-transparent way. My fear is that BRS will become the voice of barefoot running and not allow any input from those not on their "executive board."

I also fear groups like Austin Barefoot Runners Club could migrate chapter organization to the BRS site and then be under their control. I understand this is something they have wanted before. I also have heard from multiple sources that chapter presidents were not contacted during any part of this.

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