Saturday, March 3, 2012

ITBS Update: The Empire Strikes Back

Long long ago on a trail far far away... okay not that far... but a couple hours... and not that long... a couple months... I was hobbling through the last 48 miles of a 50 mile race with ITBS because I did not properly rest it once I felt the injury (after running in almost normal shoes, which I was not used to)...Okay, I am not as much of a geek as I want to be, so Star Wars references stop here.

So I was going to rest but when I went to Arrosti, they said to keep running and keep coming to them... but at $130 a treatment, I decided to just roll and stretch.

So the last two weeks that is what I did. Last weekend I planned on my first back to back runs (15 and 10) getting ready for Hells Hills Ultra Marathon. 10 miles into the 15, ITBS struck, so I sidelined the 10 mile run. I just went on a 1 mile run at a barefoot running clinic and was fine. I took Monday off as my running schedule says to do, and did a 10 K with a 1 mile warm up and cool down Tuesday... and I was feeling GREAT! So I smoked it. It was on a track, but I still clocked a sub 40 10K for my first time. Wednesday I was sore as hell from that, and went 7. Thursday I was really sore and limited my run to 5, but the plan originally was 5 on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday, and 8 on Thursday, so I was still good.

This morning I planned to get up at 4 AM and hit 20 miles. I actually got up!! Which is amazing... but I made a deal that as soon as I feel ITBS pain, I stop. 4 miles in, I was feeling it. So. I stopped. I am going nuclear. For the first time in over a year, I am taking a week off of running completely.

When I got back, I did an hour and a half of circuit training. The circuit was - 20 Squat Thrusts, 20 Push Ups, 20 Crunches, 20 Side Leg Lifts on Each Side, 20 Squats, 20 Tri-Push Ups, 20 Side Leg Lifts Each Sides, 20 6 " leg lifts,  20 Squat Thrusts, 20 Push Ups, 20 Side Leg Lifts, 20 Left Side Crunches, 20 Squats, 20 Tri-Push Ups, 20 Side Leg Lifts, 20 Right Side Crunches, Roll the IT Band. Repeat 4 times.

It was a pretty good little work out. I am going to do similar workouts 3 times this week, with no runs. Then on Sunday I will run and try a long run the following Saturday of 20 miles.  If I can't make that, I will get my first DNS at Hells Hills and take a full month off of running and go super nuclear. Then I will get ready for El Scorcho. I have no doubt I will be okay by then. But Hells Hills is in doubt. I want to run it at a faster pace too (for me), so ITBS is not something I am willing to deal with. I think completing the 50 miler gives me the confidence to be okay with that.

The good thing about this compared to my past knee injuries is those were meniscus injuries. I hobbled around constantly and did not see a light. ITBS is pretty common with runners and people have gotten over it. Most take some time to rest though. So that is what I will now do. Rest, roll, and strengthen my legs and hips.

Also, I was doing 2 mile loops. Which sucks. Why? My neighborhood is fine, but north of here is a zip code I learned is so bad a program that only serves the zip codes with the worst juvenile problems is there. A few blocks from the main road I run up on long runs has had 3 murders (2 incidents) in the last 6 months or so. One was a dad mad his daughter was a lesbian, which I am probably safe from, and the other was a 16 year old stabbing a 13 year old for being near his car. I just don't feel comfortable running there or running in the dark really. But good news! Next week we are moving to a really safe area in West Kyle! It is REALLY REALLY SAFE!!! And nice. Because I bought my house right before the housing crash in 2008, we are going to become land lords for a bit, hopefully. But we are pretty excited. So my next long run should be nice and safe. Hopefully I can find some running buddies down there!

So my revenge campaign on ITBS starts now.


  1. Dave, I don't know if you've seen this video, but it's a pretty good ITB rehab workout. I have the very beginning twinges of ITB discomfort from my recent shoe experimenting and foud it. It seems to be helping me so i thought I'd pass it on to you. Good luck with your training!

  2. I had not seen that. Gonna have to try it out. Effing shoes man.

  3. You already have the base in place to complete Hells Hills. You could easily take two weeks off and then do one last long run and taper into HH. Good luck and start building your core and hips.

  4. That is my hope. I just want to run it and not limp it like RR50. I did a 30 miler on NYE and had to move my car which took 20 minutes... I still did 6:45 and was fine afterward, and had not pushed myself all the way.I would really like to get under 6 or so at HH. If my knee is okay, I think that will be no problem. If the knee acts up it could be more like 8 hours!