Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rocky Raccoon II: The Aftermath and the Roast

So I left a few things out in my race report and I probably will here too, but this is the sillier stuff and small stuff I noticed.
Warning: Possibly Offensive - and edited...

So I took a lot of shit for being short last weekend. See Chaser's report with the tiny chair for details. Luckily we discovered he is the stupid one (there is a story there that makes him seem not so stupid, but I will leave that out), and Rob takes 6 hours to get ready in the morning. So we are the short guy, the idiot, and I guess, the Brawny Man. The last one is not really an insult, but I can't think of a funny one for someone who takes 4 years to look good for a 50 miler... and I'd make fun of him for all the tripping but he still beat us both and I actually hurt myself when I tripped.

So some randomness from the trail was for some reason people thinking I was going to be "lubed up slicker than a wet baby seal" funny, talks about 

Later, Chaser refused the advice to put band-aids on his nipples. He started to chafe and got some bodyglide. So in a moment of silence somewhere around mile 45 I asked, "so, how are your nipples?" 

Shortly after we discussed the reality of the zombie Apocalypse and how everyone tells what they would do, but the chances are, they'd just be a zombie. I stand by that discussion and conclusion.

Chaser always wanted in front of me and of course kept farting. Once later, he farted and at the same time said "watch out!" or something... giving me no time to move, just to know for sure I had been farted on. What ensued was a 10 minute argument about what had just transpired with exhausted runners around us laughing as we went by.

Of course later, I was farting quite a bit, so I guess he just hit his stride earlier. I'm telling you, we did pretty good for Mexican food pre-race dinner. There was of course the incident of the waitress being mad at Chaser for not knowing what a Yucca was... or maybe it was the ordering it and then changing his order after he had tried them? I don't know. That lady did not like him.

He once asked, "is it okay to comment on other runners' race?" NO! LMAO! Now, that was a joke... I think, but it was pretty apparent we have the same sense of humor.

Jim got much more of a show than we did, from the barefoot newsletter:

"While at the start/finish area, where runners completed a certain number of laps to add up to 50 or 100 miles, one of the women leaders in the 100-mile race arrived, gathered a change of clothes, and, not wanting to waste time, took off for the next lap. She bounded down the trail, stripping off her rain soaked clothes as she went, and for a short time was running naked through the forest before putting on the new set. For the male participants, this was no doubt a source of inspiration."

 We never saw any gators, but we did see a giant tarantula on one of the bridges. Good thing Chaser did not step on it with his bare feet! I hope the little guy made it actually!

Also, we saw someone running with a giant American flag. Did anyone else see this?? Who was this? Did he do the entire thing that way?

We also saw a 16 year old running who later had his dad and about 7 year old brother pacing him at a pretty fast pace!

Oh, and tomorrow, I start my PT for the ITBS. Tattoo is now in doubt because AFTER insurance this is gonna be like 175 a visit!!! Bye-bye money! Ugh. A guy at work went to the same place and his co-pay was $50 last year but that was before they changed our insurance so I am hoping that is a mistake. BUT our insurance did change to where if you have a condition caused by obesity or something like that you pay the less, but if you have a condition caused by working out you pay more. I mean, it's my fault I stay in shape.

So that was random. 

Look, I can't run. So I am in a reverse taper. Time for some more beer. Hope I can run soon! 

OH! Aftermath. I am going to give a feet up review of how I am. 6 days later.

Feet: Perfect. No blisters, no swelling, all toenails perfect and in tact.

Ankles: Left is still sore from being twisted, right is good.

Calves: Barely stiff at all.

Knees: The left knee that I KT taped is almost perfect, the right knee aches but the ache is less by the day.

Quads: A little stiff still.

Hips: Perfect:

Stomach: Growing daily. My wife commented on how good it looked Monday. I don't think it looks the same today. Yesterday I ate Jack in the Box for breakfast, had a huge Texas Tuna sub for lunch, 2 snickers bars, a few bowls of taco soup, chips and salsa, and 3 IPA beers.... and that was my best day so far.

Chest and arms: right tricep is still a bit sore. I did 500 push ups and sit ups the other day and was fine. My goal is to get to 1000 in a sitting.

Back: A tad sore for some reason. I bet I leaned toward the end.

Head: Crazy. I want to tell everyone at work all about the race but have a feeling they don't want more than I have already told. I keep wanting to tell my wife more but have a feeling she is the same. And I am about ready to move on to my Hells Hills 50K. I did a 30 mile run on my own in about 6:45, with 20 minutes of that moving my car, and felt great and played with my kid all day after that. So I hope to do good at Hells Hills. I have a wedding with an open bar after that!!! I really love weddings. As long as they have open bars. Mine did not. I was a young Army Private with no money, so I don't feel too bad. I actually think our small, cheap wedding, was more romantic than a lot of other rich weddings we go to now... you know, we were a young couple quite in love who were separated for a large part of our marriage to start and we only grew stronger.

Then Perdanales Falls night run.
Then, I work on speed. Dallas White Rock Marathon will be my next marathon after that. I can run a 5K on my own in the 18s now and a 10K around or under 40. So instead of long runs, I am going to run 7 minute miles every other Saturday for as long as I can with a goal of having a fast marathon in December... I will start that in June.

So today I start PT, and soon I will be writing about my first year as a "runner." It has been a wild ride so far!


  1. Love it. And I'm sorry, I will continue to give you shit for being short... I am, after all, freakishly tall... and will continue, I'm sure to take your shit on WWF. All's fair.

  2. Sadly, your shit did not compare to stupid and clumsy. Did you play basketball?

    Oh, and I forgot, best line ever from Chaser "is it okay to comment on other runners' race?" Chase... its not. LMFAO!

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