Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ITBS Post 2 and General Update

So we are getting close to a month since Rocky and the terrible ITBS hitting and it is still an issue, but less of one each day.

I met one of my goals for the Paramount 5K at the Austin Marathon in placing in my age group. Next year I would like to place, period. I had my legs hella taped up but it worked out. 

I have been running a tad less than usual, but also traveling a lot for work. I had one particularly great run in El Paso, where I ran up the edge of the Rockies and watched the sun fly over Juarez, Mexico. It is amazing to be in such a safe city like El Paso right next to the murder capital of the world.

If you have ever been to El Paso, you probably know what these are too:

Chico's Tacos! These tacos are famous or infamous and seem to be a town favorite. I am glad I tried them, but never again. It is like a hard taquito stuffed with dog food in taco soup... with french fries.

I also got to see how the mighty Rio Grande is looking!

After being away all that time, it was nice to get home... and take my boy to the trail! He loves it out there just like his dad.

Of course the 5K also marked week 1 of my Hell's Hills training! It was going well until my first Saturday run. I was going on hills at about an 8 minute pace and feeling great. Miles 2-5 are all uphill on this route on one long hill. I was great. Going back down though I started to feel the ITBS. Then on mile 10 or so I slowed WAY down. It was terrible ITBS pain. I finished my 15 mile run and canceled my Sunday 10 miler. I still ran a little under a mile at the Austin Barefoot Runners Club barefoot clinic.

We ended up with over 20 people, which is pretty cool and everybody tried real barefoot running-not just minimalist. It was great to see. Jim did a great job of course and is really good with bringing people into barefoot running. 

I also got to catch up with Louie who attempted Rocky while still battling food poisoning. He told me he had finally had to quit after the very last aid station with about 4 miles to go. He also said Chase was mentioned by Joe the Race Director at the next Tejas Trails meeting in a very positive light. He is wondering who will be the first to complete one of his 100s barefoot.

I also signed up for El Scorcho in July and it looks like both Rob (Bubba) and Chase (Chase) will be there! 10 3.1 mile loops in pitch black in Texas in July!!! I know several other runners who are going and it should be a big party.

I also had a great 10K run today. I have been rolling and rolling and rolling and it seems to be paying off. Today was the first time I have run that far in a long time without any knee pain. I was on a track but I ran a sub 40 10K, plus a mile warm up and cool down. It was really awesome. I hope it keeps up.

So that is my update. All is going well and as long as the knee stays good, I can't wait for Hells Hills!

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  1. I've been to El Paso more than a few times and I have had plenty of bad food down there but never have I seen that. I think I would pass.