Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Days Till Rocky - Going a tad nuts...

2 days ahead and then Rocky Raccoon. Not much I can do now. And I'm not good at waiting or being patient. Applying to grad school was terrible for me because of the waiting. I hate summer only because I am waiting and waiting for football season. So now we are almost there, and the Raccoon has started showing up in my dreams.

But to be honest, in my dream, Rocky was less:

and more:

... a nice fat drunk Rocky to match the fat drunk runner! I did have an alligator chasing my in my dream but that could just be from watching too much Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Really though I feel somewhat prepared. The weather is an X factor. Saturday does not look terrible, but I just hope severe thunderstorms don't interfere too much with the camping Friday. I plan on getting out there earlier than I thought so I can get 2 good camp sites for the me and the other guys... I just hope I beat the rain or get a gap in it so I can put up the super-tent and get its water cover over it.

Dieting did not quite work out. I wanted to drop 10 pounds and I have dropped about 7. At least I took a little fat off. But now I have no desire to diet too much. I ate okay for lunch, but dinner tonight IS ON!

I'm meeting Jim for dinner tonight. He is coming to help us out and "crew" for the barefooters at the race and this is what I plan on eating. Can't wait! Oh! And Macaroni! And Beer!!!

So I am thinking this will be me on Saturday:

And hopefully I won't have shoes on.

I got some good shoes for technical trails, the NB MT110s, but I wore them on some flat running and it was a bad idea. I have had ITBS issues ever since. It is just slight ache right now, so I am hoping it is not what stops me. I think as of now if anything does, that will be it.

But a little pain, a little rain, that's what we ask for right? Just gotta... as everyone said ad nauseam back at the Dallas White Rock Marathon, be the honey badger!

Of course, that has sort of been ruined for me...

So basically, I'm going in fatter than I wanted to be, with less miles due to the knee, more pain, and bad weather!!! Time to kill this thing!

Like they say... everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth...I bet all these dudes did.

And any time I am having trouble, I will shut my eyes and picture this:

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